Hollywood actress Jennie Garth faced every mother's worst nightmare when her daughter Lola became ill with a mysterious affliction, leaving doctors clueless as to her ailment. Garth had just finished her stint on "Dancing with the Stars" earlier this year when her little 5-year-old daughter was hospitalized. Very shortly afterwards, the star's dad died, and she says both experiences took a huge toll on her body. She tells, "I had this six months of hell. I had a sick daughter and then my father passed away, so there was a six-month period in my life when I didn't think about my looks or my weight or my body or anything. "(Lola) got very sick and we didn't know what was wrong with her. ... I was basically locked in a closet with her for three months. "I didn't exercise or eat healthy. I had been a (size) 27 in my jeans after "Dancing with the Stars" and I was so excited. But it really went back quickly. I definitely gained inches and a size."Garth, " says her daughter is now recovering after doctors finally made a diagnosis: "It turned out to be a form of JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) and we treated her and it's in remission. It was tough, but she's better now."

Photo By: Derek Steele/BuzzFoto