Superstar Beyonce brought New York City to a standstill on Wednesday when she performed a free concert in the city for hundreds of fans who had turned out to see her perform.The pop singer showed off her sexy curves when she pulled up riding on the back of a chauffeured convertible wearing a body-hugging black catsuit for NBC's "Today Show." Knowles walked down the red carpet, greeting fans who gathered outside the shows Rockefeller Center studios on the way to the stage. She performed a string of hits, including new singles "If I Were a Boy" and "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)."Knowles told the crowd, "I just want to say thank you. We have the best fans in the world. They've been supporting me and Destiny's Child since we first came out."


Carson Daly

Television talk show host Carson Daly is to become a father for the first time. Daly, who now hosts NBC's "Last Word With Carson Daly," will welcome his first child with girlfriend Siri Pinter in the springtime. A representative for the star tells, "Carson is thrilled to be a father and they are looking forward to an extra-special Thanksgiving this year with family and friends."Before settling down, Daly dated party girl Tara Reid and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.


Mariah Carey

Pop singer Mariah Carey was left squirming in her seat during her appearance on Ellen DeGeneres hit talk show, after the host quizzed her over pregnancy rumors. The superstar was a guest on the program on Tuesday to promote her new single, "I Stay in Love." But the cozy chat soon became uncomfortable for Carey, when funny woman DeGeneres popped open a bottle of champagne in a mock pregnancy celebration. And the very stunned superstar, who recently was insisting she would keep any baby news secret, fueled more rumors she was pregnant with husband Nick Cannon's child when she refused to drink the alcoholic drink. A shocked Carey said, "I can't believe you did this to me, Ellen. This is peer pressure!" But DeGeneres didn't let the issue go, asking the Grammy-winner again if she was with child, to which Carey replied, "I can't believe her. ... I didn't say that. No, no, no. My mother would be at home like, on the computer like, 'What are you talking about?' We will let you know when we're going to have a family."


Paris Hilton

Former reality show star Paris Hilton is confirming that she and boyfriend Benji Madden have broken up. Paris appeared on good friend Ryan Seacrest's radio show in Los Angeles California on Friday morning and revealed she and the rocker were "taking a break" after nine months. Hilton said, "We're really good friends. We're very close. ... I love him, he's such an amazing man. He's my best friend, he's been so great to me, so loyal. He's an incredible person."I think right now we're both better off as friends. We're both working so much; I've been traveling, he's been working non-stop in the studio."And Hilton was eager to clear up reports she ended the romance: "There's all these reports that I dumped Benji; that's not true. This was a decision we made together."Reports about the split started last weekend when Hilton was photographed partying with ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos in Miami, Fla., but she insists the late-night meeting had nothing to do with the break-up.She added, "That's ridiculous. Really, I was on a girls' weekend ... just sitting there (and) Stavros came up and said hello ... (It was) a very quick conversation."Someone must have got a quick camera phone picture of me just smiling and saying hello to someone I haven't seen in a year."(Madden's) not a jealous person and he knows I have no interest in him whatsoever."And Hilton also dismissed reports Madden was too controlling: "He's just very protective. ... He just wants the best for me, he just wants me to make the right choices."The socialite also admits she's leaving the door open for a reconciliation: "We'll see what happens in the future; I'm still in love with him. He's a very special person; there's no one like him ... I still have feelings for Benji."And she won't be looking for a new man over the holidays either, adding: "I don't wanna date anyone; the thought of that just grosses me out."


Pop singing star Kylie Minogue headlined a spectacular $30 million mega-party in front an array of Hollywood stars at the opening of the multi-billion dollar Atlantis Palms Hotel in Dubai. The Australian singer was reportedly paid $2.25 million to perform a 10-song set on Friday as A-list guests including Robert De Niro, Charlize Theron, Janet Jackson, Denzel Washington and Dame Shirley Bassey watched. Oysters, lobster and Champagne were laid on for the 2,000-strong guests at the new ocean-themed resort located on the man-made Palm Jumeirah island. The party also featured the world's largest ever fireworks show that was visible from space, with a million fireworks set off to signal the launch of the monster hotel.



Pop singing star Madonna and Guy Ritchie's divorce has been finalized following a hearing in London today. The British director and the Material Girl, who announced their separation last month, were granted a decree nisi by a judge at the clinical Principal Registry of the Family Division of the High Court in High Holburn, London. The couple will reportedly share joint custody of their sons, Rocco, 8, and David, 3, who they adopted from Malawi in 2006. The boys will split their time between Madonna in the U.S. and Ritchie in the U.K. Madonna's daughter Lourdes, 12, will live with her mother, because she is the singer's daughter from a previous relationship with Carlos Leon. Madonna and Ritchie wed at Skibo Castle in the Highlands of Scotland in 2000. The marriage will be officially dissolved in six weeks time when they will be granted a decree absolute.


Martha Stewart And Seal

Music star Seal was so inspired by Barack Obama's election victory, he is considering relinquishing his British citizenship to become an American.The singers wife Heidi Klum switched her German passport for a United States one, in time for the November 4th election, and the couple are raising three kids who can all claim American citizenship, so Seal thinks it's time he made the change.The 45-year-old tells talk show host Martha Stewart, "My wife voted. I've lived here for 20 years. I aspire to this great country. I've always thought it was the greatest country in the world."Perhaps I'll become an American citizen, if you'll take me."


Pamela Anderson

Sexy star Pamela Anderson will model for punk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.The Hollywood actress has reportedly signed a six-figure deal to be the face and body of the British designer Westwood's spring/summer line next year. A source tells Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper, "Vivienne and a team of stylists and photographers jetted to Los Angeles California last week to shoot Pammie in the new campaign."She met Vivienne at one of her parties last year and they hit it off. Vivienne loves the quirkiness of having Pam in one of her campaigns."Westwood burst onto the fashion scene in the mid-1970s when her outrageous designs became popular with Britain's punk rock bands.

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Hollywood star Wanda Sykes is confirming that she secretly wed her partner just before same-sex marriages were banned in California.The comic made the announcement at a rally against the passage of Proposition 8, which ended a summer of gay weddings, on Saturday. She told the crowd at the Las Vegas protest, "Everybody who knows me personally, they know I'm gay. And that's the way people should be able to live our lives, really. We shouldn't have to be standing out here demanding something we automatically should have as citizens of this country."I'm proud to be a woman, I'm proud to be a black woman and I'm proud to be gay."Her decision to come out at the rally has been applauded by gay rights leaders.Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination President Neil G. Giuliano says, "People living openly and honestly increases visibility of our community and has a tremendous impact in terms of creating awareness, understanding and acceptance as we continue our march to equality."
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Kanye West

Kanye West has defended his right to protect his "personal space" after he was arrested in Newcastle, England, on Friday for allegedly assaulting a celebrity snapper. West was involved in a scuffle with a paparazzo as he exited the city's Tup Tup club in the early hours of the morning. Photographer Terry Blackburn claimed to have suffered a cut face and bruising after West allegedly pushed his camera into his face. Local police later arrived at West's hotel in nearby Gateshead and detained him on assault charges. He was quizzed by cops but was subsequently released without charge.And West denies he lashed out at the snapper, insisting it was the commotion surrounding his appearance which got the photographer hurt.He explains in his official blog, "Here's what happened ... when I left the club, I was encountered by a thirsty paparazzi as usual. He felt he had more rights to my space than me, so I put my hand up to prevent him from taking my image."I didn't assault him but merely put my hand up to cover his lens. My security yelled, 'Get the camera off him.' I guess in all the commotion the camera scraped his nose."West and his assistant were arrested over a similar incident at Los Angeles' LAX airport in September. The pair was charged with felony vandalism after reportedly smashing a snapper's camera, but the charges were later dropped by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office.


Simon Cowell

American Idol's Simon Cowell and Terry Seymour have sat down for their first television interview since their breakup earlier this month. The music icon agreed to appear alongside his ex on "Extra," that features Seymour's reports. And Cowell has confessed he was the one who was ditched. He says, "Terri decided to dump me. ... You sent me a text." But Seymour insists she and her ex are still the "best of friends" and it was just time to end the romance: "We had a great six years." The couple still talks daily. Cowell adds, "I do call Terri, first, when I've got an issue or I'm moaning about something, or I want to bounce an idea off."And Seymour agrees, "We do speak more now on the phone all the time. It's true."Meanwhile, Cowell used the new TV interview to clear up rumors he gave his ex $9 million parting gift.He explains, "That is actually not a true story. If anything I should be getting the money."The TV interview with the former couple will air on Monday.

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Russell Brand

British comic Russell Brand has a unique way of getting women into bed, he pretends to be gay. The "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star told talk show host David Letterman that women feel less intimidated by his advances if they believe his flowing locks and flamboyant clothing mark him out as gay. And the star is insisting the subterfuge is a sure-fire way of getting woman between the sheets.He says, "In spite of appearances, I'm a heterosexual male. Because I'm so well dressed, people think, 'He must be gay. Look at his haircut, he must be gay. Look how sensitive and vulnerable he is, he must be gay.' "That means women feel safe around me. They trust me. Then bang! Pregnant! Bang! Pregnant! Bang! Pregnant! Another generation. We continue."


Country singer Taylor Swift has another career in mind if she gets tired of singing country music. The star hasn't let go of her dreams of becoming a surgeon.Taylor marked her success as a country star when she was handed the Country Song of the Year gong at the BMI Country Awards on Tuesday night.But Swift still clings to her tutor's hopes she would pursue a career in medicine. She says, "I was so proud of this in high school. I won the best dissector award in biology. I have that little piece of paper in my wallet, from ninth grade."Surgery and biology have always been really fascinating to me, so I was really excited that they thought I had like the most potential as a surgeon."


The Smith Family

Hollywood stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith make their children pay for their own toys and treats out of their acting pay checks. Jaden, 10, and Willow, 8, are already following in the footsteps of their very famous parents. Jaden starred with his dad in "The Pursuit of Happyness" and Willow lends her voice to the new "Madagascar" sequel. And the happy couple is very determined to teach the youngsters the value of money. Pinkett Smith says, "We make it clear to them, 'This is your money and things you want, you'll be paying for.' Kids have to be very responsible without you having to do it for them."I'm their bank. They have to come to me and write up a little slip when they want to make a withdrawal."


Evan Rachel Wood is blasting media reports that she dumped Marilyn Manson after a bitter fight, and is insisting their breakup was amicable. News about the pairs relationship split hit the headlines earlier this week amid claims of tension between the lovers over Wood's brother, Ira, who had been living with them. Sources claimed 39-year-old Manson tried to throw Ira out of the guesthouse at the Hollywood California home he shares with his girlfriend. But Wood, 21, has denies the allegations, branding the so-called 'insider' a liar who has no current links to her.She tells, "Manson and I both decided to take some time apart so we could concentrate on work. Someone used that opportunity to kick us while we were down and sell a completely false story."Manson owns the house he lives in. My brother has never stayed there and the person that said such horrible things about Manson being 'controlling' and 'emotionally abusive' is certainly no source 'close' to me. Manson has been by my side and taken care of me through the best and worst times. I love him as a person and as an artist. I will always be proud to have been a part of that. "If any more attacks are made on us, it is the act of a desperate, selfish person, who is angry to no longer be a part of my life. No further comment will be made and we request our privacy at this time."Manson and Wood began dating in December 2006, following his split from then-wife, burlesque star Dita Von Teese.
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Pop singing star Beyonce Knowles has no problem flying economy class, as long as she has some breathing space. Beyonce who is married to rapper Jay-Z, has amassed a multi-million dollar fortune at the young age of 27. But Knowles is admitting she is no stranger to no-frills flights and claims her only trouble is surviving the journey unnoticed. She says, "Even now I sometimes fly economy if I need to. We had a storm in Miami and there was a hurricane coming so we just got out."She adds, "You know the airlines where if you're fifth in line, you sit in seat five? And then they throw a peanut at you with your drink? I don't care about those kind of things. It's just that people don't give me peace, that's the hardest thing."


Jerry Springer

Famed Talk show host Jerry Springer was immortalized at New York City's Planet Hollywood this week. The host of the long running Jerry Springer Show and Americas Got Talent was all smiles as he put his hand prints in cement at the famed Times Square location. Hoards of television crews as well as the infamous paparazzi were on hand to capture this great event.

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Heather Mills

Superbitch Heather Mills is defending her decision to build a swimming pool without getting town permission at her English country home by claiming it could be used to put out fires.The mean ex-wife of rocker Sir Paul McCartney allegedly re-did her property in Sussex, England, after winning $38 million in their divorce settlement earlier this year. Heather was said to have forgotten to ask for planning permission before building the pool and might have to get rid of it if her retrospective request is denied. Members of Mills' local council will meet next month to debate whether she can keep the feature. However her spokesperson has argued local services could use it to battle fires, saying, "In an emergency, it could be used by the fire brigade (to put out a blaze)."


Hollywood star Charlize Theron has settled a $20 million lawsuit with the luxury watchmaker that accused her of breach of contract. Bosses at Swiss company Raymond Weil claimed they paid Theron the sum to wear its watches exclusively between October 2005 and December 2006. According to court documents, Theron broke their agreement when she "was actually photographed wearing a watch from the Christian Dior line" at a press event in Austin on March 14th. The following month, Theron modeled a Montblanc watch on a billboard at a Swiss trade show.Company executives added the violations "demonstrate a total disregard by (Theron) for any of her obligations under the agreement."The settlement follows her lawyers' failed attempts to have the case dismissed.New court documents filed in Manhattan Federal Court reveal the suit will be tossed when it is finalized within 30 days.Terms of the settlement in the have not been disclosed.
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Former X-Files stars David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are sparking media reports of a reconciliation less than a month after separating.The former happy couple announced their split in October after 11 years of marriage, just one week after Duchovny checked out of a rehab clinic in Arizona following completion of treatment for sex addiction. The couple had been separated "for several months," but opted to keep the news private for the sake of their two kids, Madelaine, 9, and Kyd, 6, according to a statement from their representatives. But new reports of a reconciliation ignited when they were reportedly seen celebrating Halloween together on New York's Upper East Side on Friday night. A source tells the New York Post the pair "looked very mellow and relaxed," as they took their kids trick-or-treating.The source adds, "They were very cute and were holding hands." Duchovny and Leoni wed in May 1997 after a whirlwind romance.
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Playboy icon Hugh Hefner's former girlfriend Holly Madison insists her aged ex should not have been upset over their breakup, because it was clear she was very unhappy.The former Playboy model dated the publishing mogul for seven years, but admits she called off the romance when it became clear they didn't have a future together. Madison, who was once reportedly pregnant with the Playboy boss' baby, says, "I'm just kind of sad about my break-up with Hef. I wish he would've seen it coming."Everybody was surprised when it happened because even though I was unhappy for a long time, the split happened suddenly. The signs were there. I was depressed for a while."I want to be with somebody I can have more of a future with eventually. Hef and I can't get married and have kids, so it was fun while it lasted but it wasn't right for my old age. I got too old for Hef. But Madison hasn't moved out of the Playboy Mansion yet. She tells "Extra," "I've been staying in the guest room. Hef was kind enough not to kick me out of the house (and) my condo should be finished soon."I still work for him (Hefner). We're still best friends. I still call and check in on him almost everyday.
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Kate Hudson

Hollywood star Kate Hudson is dating her childhood pal, basketball star Baron Davis, according to media reports.The talented actress has been involved with a string of bachelors, including Owen Wilson and cycling champ Lance Armstrong, since splitting from her husband Chris Robinson in 2006. And Hudson is now rumored to be romancing the new Los Angeles California Clippers star. Davis, who Hudson has been a friend of since she was 16, was spotted with the actress during a night out in Los Angeles, according to Star Magazine. A source tells the tabloid: "Kate and Baron looked like they were on a date.They enjoyed a few drinks together and whispered in each other's ear throughout the night. At the end, they jumped into his car and drove back to her house in Pacific Palisades."They've been spending more and more time together since Baron moved back to L.A. this summer."

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Niki Taylor

Model Niki Taylor is going to become a mother again after announcing she's pregnant with her first child with racing driver husband Burney Lamar.The 33-year-old former supermodel has 13-year-old twin boys from a previous relationship.The new baby, which is due in the spring, will be her third, and her first with her husband of almost two years.Taylor wed NASCAR ace Lamar in December, 2006.

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