Former Culture Club singing star Boy George has become a hit with the over-50’s and is insisting he is the new Barry Manilow. The 80s icon who has battled drug problems over the years, made a name for himself as the talented all lip sticked up star. But Boy George is insisting his fanbase has changed confessing his latest U.K. tour has attracted a host of older ladies. He says, "When I started this tour, I thought, ‘Who is going to want come and see me after all this time’. But when you get to Norwich and Newcastle, I mean, all these weird people come along to see you, all these old ladies who dance and sing along to Karma Chameleon and shout, ‘I f**ing love you George’… they were all my mom’s age; it was really sweet and really funny. I’ve become Barry Manilow!"
Photo By: Walter McBride / Retna Ltd.