Hollywood star Cate Blanchett is reluctant to have plastic surgery, because her husband has vowed to divorce her if she goes under the knife. Cate admits she's feeling her age after giving birth to son Ignatius last April. But she is insisting she wouldn't trade her union with her hubby, Andrew Upton, to keep her looks. She tells Vanity Fair magazine, "I haven't done anything, but who knows. Andrew said he'd divorce me if I did anything.When you've had children, your body changes; there's history to it. I like the evolution of that history; I'm fortunate to be with somebody who likes the evolution of that history." But Upton hasn't fully put Blanchett off the idea: "I'm not a spokesperson against the world of injectables. If you grow up in an environment where your mother gets you a boob job when you turn 18, what hope is there? But I didn't grow up in that world."