The Bahamas health minister is slamming the funeral home workers for leaking the cause of Jett Travolta's death, and is insisting it was in breach of strict confidentiality rules. Insiders at the mortuary where the body of John Travolta’s 16-year-old son was kept following his death in the Caribbean country on Friday spoke out yesterday, just hours after an autopsy took place, to reveal that he died from a seizure. Politician Dr. Hubert Minnis is furious the information was made public so soon after the death, and before Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston were able to comment on the findings and to morn. Speaking on NBC's 'The Today Show', Minnis says, "I was somewhat amazed that the funeral director or someone leaked the report. It’s strictly confidential and the family should be in the position to release the report." Travolta and Preston returned home to their Ocala, Florida home on Monday with the ashes of the teenager, following his cremation. Funeral plans have yet to be announced.