Lisa Rinna

Sexy star Lisa Rinna is so desperate to be cast in the planned remake of "Melrose Place" she has resorted to publicly begging the show's producers for a role in the hit show.The actress joined the cast of the hit television series in 1996, playing Taylor McBride for two seasons. And now executives are said to be working on an new updated version of the series, Rinna is pleading with producers to allow her to reprise her role. She says, "Tell them I'm available, ready to go. I'm very professional and hardworking!" But the star is also admitting she may not be the executives' first priority.The CW Network is reportedly hoping to land former "Melrose Place" star Heather Locklear first. Rinna adds: "I'm way down on the totem pole. You know, this one doesn't want to do it, that one doesn't want to do it, so I'm just hoping that they get down far enough to me, where they're finally like, 'Oh, just call Lisa. ... Just hire her, for God's sake! Stop her begging!'"