Lindsay Lohan

Former star Lindsay Lohan has allegedly launched a furious Internet rant at her lesbian girlfriend Samantha Ronson, with the actress appearing to accuse the DJ of cheating on her. Posts on the star's private page have been obtained by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, and the notes appear to show Lohan pissed off at her partner online. The blogs, said to be from Lohan, are directed at Ronson's profile on the social networking site. They read, "I was right all along. Cheat. Being cheated on does wonders to you. I'm doing this publicly because u&ur friends call People mag. So you win, you broke my heart. Now go away. I loved you." The news comes amid reports that Ronson had the locks on her Los Angeles California home changed on Saturday, according to The former happy pair has been dogged by break-up gossip throughout their highly public romance. Last week Lohan was once again forced to deny reports of breakup, calling their relationship "fine."