Tori Spelling

Former Television star Tori Spelling is slamming rumors she's suffering from anorexia after recent photographs of the actress prompted fears about her very slim figure.Tori is sparking gossip, that she is battling weight issues, with one tabloid claiming she now weighs only 98 pounds. A source alleges Spelling's weight had plummeted as a result of the stress caused by her estranged mother Candy's memoir "Stories from Candyland," in which she details the couples bad relationship.The source told Star magazine, "It's not good. Tori's so stressed over her mom's new book, she has no appetite but is still exercising every day. Her friends are all worried that she may be anorexic. She's now down to a size zero." But the star is fighting back at the claims. Her representative tells "Access Hollywood," "She does not weigh 98 pounds." Spelling recently blew off talk about her personal life and her troubled relationship with her mother, insisting, "You have a sense of humor about it because, you know, it doesn't stop. One week everything is good, next week everything is bad."