Asin asks not to compare her with Nayan

The Malayalam hit film Body Guard is being remade in Tamil with the title Kaavalan. Dhilip and Nayanthara did the lead role in this film. Siddique directed this film. In Kaavalan Vijay and Asin are doing the lead roles. Siddique who directed the Malayalam film Body Guard is directing this film also. Vijay, Asin and director Siddique spoke to the media recently.

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Vijay while speaking about this film said , “Siddique told me this story two years back itself. This story is different from other films. This is a romantic film. There will also fiery fighting scenes and also rib tickling comedy. There was a big problem tot title this film. We planned to title this film as Kavalkaran. Due to some reason it was not possible to do so.

Then we tried Kaaval Kadhal and finally it was titled Kavalan. I had earlier acted in Siddique’s Friends. I can never forget the comedy scenes in that film. Particularly in the scene where the hammer falls on the head of Vadivelu. I will laugh even now if I happen to see that comedy. I am happy that Asin is acting with me in this film. We both of us paired in Sivakasi and Pokkiri. This is third film with our combo. This film will also be success like the other two films. In between Asin had gone for the shooting of Hindi film. Since I did not want to waste 2 months, I acted in Velayudham.”