Is Trisha preganant?

Trisha has been making headlines all the time for the baselesss rumours that keeps spreading of her getting married to a businessman in Hyderabad.

Trisha cleared the air sometime before saying that she will keep the world informed if she is likely to get married. But the media has cooked up another news that are hitting the headlines that Trisha is preganant and hence not accepting any new projects.

Trisha said 'no' to few projects due to call sheet problems which cooked up this pregnant story. Gossip mongers assumed that Trisha is begetting a child without marriage and creating a revolution in film industry and hence she is taking leave being pregnant. Although this news is no believe sense in this gossip, it started spreading wild fire.

Trisha got irked because of this fake media reports during a recent interview and stopped the interview obeying her mother's orders.