Rajini is doing well !

Lata Rajinikanth met the media at the SRMC hospital today (May 19)where Rajinikanth has been admitted.

According to her Rajinikanth is "doing well and he has moved to the ICU as it is a more protected and sterile area."


Lata made it clear that the superstar "was suffering from minor stomach ailment and respiratory infection. He is out of danger and his health is stable".

The superstar’s wife dismissed reports that his health is deteriorating. Says Lata: "In fact today afternoon he was cracking jokes and looking cheerful and had a normal meal".

She also clarified that all "his organs are fine and functioning properly."
Lata also made it clear that "he is human being and does not have super human powers. He needs time and I hope the fans and the media will give us some privacy."