Ravi Teja Telugu Veera Movie 2011 trendy action, comedy and romance | Veeera Movie

The Veera Movie 2011 is routine film blended with action, comedy and romance movie. Veera heads in the eighties kind of narration with a song-fight-comedy-song-fight type of treatment. Veera (Raviteja) comes in disguise of a security officer to save his sister (Sridevi) family but his sister doesn’t like him to see as a killer. Therefore he hides that from her. Veera’s enemy Rayudu (Pradeep Rawat). Veera loses his wife Kabaddi Chitti (Kajal) and step mother (Roja) too. How he avenges their death and saves his sister family forms rest of the story. Raviteja looked unenthusiastic and uninteresting throughout the film. Ravi teja is acting in two different roles in the movie and produced by Ganesh Indukuri under the holly to tolly banner and music is by Thaman.