Lakshmi Rai denies the rumours!


Lakshmi Rai has often been linked-up with most of her co-stars and some cricketers. This time, she was tagged with director-turned-actor Raghava Lawrence. However, she has denied those speculations again.


It was all started after Lakshmi Rai was roped in to act with him for Kanchana. Lakshmi Rai claims that it is not a crime to work with an actor in more than one film. In fact, the actress, who worked with him earlier in Super Cowboy and Tamil film Pen Singam (Guest appearance with him), says that she was not the first choice for the recently released Telugu film.

Raghave Lawrence had approached Anushka Shetty before offering the same role to Lakshmi Rai. The former, who turned down the offer due to her commitments with other projects, was replaced by the latter in Kanchana. The actress adds that he is a good friend of him and they share a good working relationship. He concludes on the note that nothing is cooking between them.