Sexy Hollywood star Angelina Jolie's mothering spirit comes through on the cover of the November issue of W magazine where she's photographed breastfeeding. W bosses chose a shot of the actress feeding one of her newborn twins to highlight a series of intimate photos taken by her partner, Brad Pitt, which all appear in the new issue. A smiling and tired-looking Jolie, wearing only a maternity dress, poses for her man, her left nipple covered by a baby's tiny hand. Inside the magazine, there are another 21 candid shots of the movie star. As well as more breastfeeding photos, Pitt also shows off a series of tasteful, near-nude portraits as well as playful ones of Jolie playing with their children and making faces for the camera. Pitt shot the photos in mid-August at Chateau Miraval, the family's home in southern France.
Photo By: RD/Leon/Retna