Singing star Jennifer Hudson has been given a public warning about her new fiance from his ex, who insists the romance will not work. Hudson's lawyer beau, David Otunga, competed for Tiffany "New York" Pollard's affections on reality show "I Love New York 2," and the couple enjoyed a fling away from the cameras. And now his very bitter ex is offering Hudson a little woman-to-woman advice about the man the "Dreamgirls" star is set to wed. Pollard tells In Touch magazine, "He's (Ortunga) really loving being Mr. Jennifer Hudson. I think he's loving the lavish things she brings to his life. "But can you love this person if they lose all of this tomorrow? She needs to find out. I just hope people are marrying each other for the right reasons. ... It's a mixed match, it won't work.