Sona Heiden Calls for Press Meet!

Sona Heiden, informs the press that she was sexually assaulted by singer-producer SPB Charan in an event which was organized at actor Vaibav's house. Sona Heiden it seems was accompanied by Premji, SPB Charan, Venkat Prabhu and other few unknown Men.



All the party men were fully drunk, and it seems that SPB Charan tried to misbehave by molesting her and by trying to touch her private parts. Sona was very much worried and depressed about the incident and had called for a press meet to issue a complaint against SPB Charan.

During the press meet, she said that SPB Charan should publicly apologize for molesting her in public and also have complained the same to the police. She fiercely added that SPB Charan has previously tried to misbehave many times.

Sona also said that it was Premji and Venkat Prabhu who came for her rescue. She also added that SPB Charan asked the price to sleep with her and also insulted the Women in film industry, saying women in the film industry are all sluts.